Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sik Pao Mei Ar?

This weekend I decided to make some hongkong style buns which I havent made for many years (5+ years) , the 'gai mei pao' and 'chern jai pao'. They all came out quite well, maybe shall open a bakery one day for retirement.

Planning to make some different shapes and flavours next time...melon? black sesame?

Monday, May 18, 2009

White chocolate strawberry mousse cake

Last weekend I experimented in cooking a different cake recipe (found on the net), the white chocolate strawberry mousse cake - made from layers of chiffon cake, layers of strawberry and white chocolate mousse, and a layer of chopped strawberries. The mousse recipe is quite simple just 450g strawberries, 2tb lemon juice, 25g suger, 1 tbsp rum, chopped strawberries, 25g caster suger, 350ml heavy heavy cream, 3 tbsp icing suger, 150-200g lidnt white chocolate, 15g gelatin and hot water.

*lesson learnt - lidnt chocolate is kinda flammable , almost caught on fire after a few seconds on the stove for melting. White chocolate became dark chocolate....haiii......

I think the strawberry mousse recipe will be good for a swiss roll made with green tea sponge cake...!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chicken Lasagne

Today was mothers day and we all decided to make a dinner for our mum which included Chicken and Vegetable Lasagne (a slightly modified recipe given by Jeff), Mashed Potato wrapped with potato (made by my brother) and Salad and Chocolate Soufle (made by my sister) .

Everything came out pretty good! yummm....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melbourne Trip 2009

Last week, was my first Melbourne trip with a group of friends and surely was a relaxing and full of enjoyment. We went to many places mainly for food from Lygon Street for Italian Pizza and Pasta, Chinatown for Yum Cha ! and nice Shanghai Dumplings and Noodles, Malaysian Food from Singapore Chom Chom and some interesting bakeries such as charcoal bread (from Bread Top) and portugese egg tarts, Cakes from a desert cafe around the casino and the interesting sashimi/oyster breakfast at the Queen Victoria Market -

During my time at Melbourne I learnt alot about God during a Church Convention at the PIAR (Philip Island Adventure Resort), We had a great time talking and sharing about our Christian life and walk with God with other brothers and sisters of Christ. It has motivated me to continue growing with him and learning on his word and also to be great servents of God. It was surely a great time of fellowship along with the fun canoeing, flying fox, and bungee jumping thing.

Black Forrest Cake Experiment #2

Yesterday I attempted my second modified version of the black forrest cake (to finish the jar of sour cherries and chocolate), and with different dark chocolate cake recipe. The chocolate cake was much improved in texture and melts faster in the mouth.

Yumm.. I think I have enough of this cake for now...time to try something else...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drum or Guitar?

Recently I have been thinking and deciding of a musical instrument to learn and purchase, and this has been short listed to two faviourites , the Guitar and the Drum...

Drums being my long time childhood faviourite instrument (me drumming with a wok as a kid), and guitar being a easy and cool instrument to play and carry around (Guitar Heroes)... haii...which one to choose leh? and not sure which one is more suited to me...any suggestions?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black Forrest Cake Experiment #1

This weekend I made my first attempt in making the black forrest cake ("hutt sum lum darn go"), with a nice recipe introduced by a friend (LG) . It was made with sour wild cherries soaked in vanilla beans, layers of chocolate cake ("joo go lik"), layers of butter cake , dark chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate mousse (cancelled the alchohol which was important to add). The cake was quite simple and not as difficult as expected, but surely very time consuming to build!!

The cake is very rich with a very strong chocolate (milk and dark chocolate) and burst of wild cherry flavour. Will probably modify/ change the butter cake and chocolate recipe so its more light. The cake failed in some aspects such as -

* The cake ended out way too tall, so had to delete a level, and having to swap the chocolate and butter cake levels around.

* realised the cream type used in the mousse was incorrect. The whipping cream is not same as whipped cream, which caused some dramas, had a chocolate waterfall in the black forrest. Haiiii....